Designed to suit the most common switchboard sizes, ORTEA’s rack system is the ideal solution for OEM and switchboard manufacturers. The rack is:

  • Compact
  • Available with or without blocking reactor
  • Available in a single rack from 9.4kvar to 150kvar
  • Fitted with busbars sized to withstand up to 400kvar
  • Easy to assemble (busbars and NH fuses incorporated in the rack support)

ORTEA racks are fitted with three-phase self-regenerating high energy-density metallised polypropylene capacitors ensuring enhanced performance, low losses and contained dimensions.

The lateral adjustable slides allow for quick and easy assembling operations inside any cabinets. Thanks to its extensible brackets, the 480mm rack can be mounted in a 800mm cabinet thus enabling a flexible combination of sizes and total reactive power.

The busbar system can withstand a maximum reactive power equal to 400kvar (at 415V, 50Hz). Rack can be added to the system at any time.

Each auxiliary and control component is supplied already wired to the terminal block assembled on the rack.

Standard features

Each rack is supplied complete with:

  • Contactors for capacitors
  • Self-extinguishing cables (EN50267-2-1)
  • NH00 single-pole fuse holder.
  • NH00 gG power fuses
  • Three-phase self-regenerating high energy-density metallised polypropylene capacitors
  • Three-phase connecting system via tinned copper bars
  • Discharging resistors
  • Only for the H203 type, blocking reactor with 180Hz tuning frequency All the components conform with the safety legislative provisions.

Standard accessories (in every rack)

  • Telescopic side brackets, suitable for 600-400mm deep cabinets
  • Tinned copper connection bars, complete with bolts
  • IP20 Plexiglass protection
  • Adapting brackets for installation inside cabinet with different width (800-1000mm)

The P403 rack technical characteristics are the same as the ones valid for the PFC403 automatic power factor correction systems. The same applies for P503 (PFC503), H203 (PHF203), H303 (PHF303) and HS203 (PHS203).