415V 450V 495V 50 ≤ 20% ≤ 70%

Ue: Rated voltage.
Un: Capacitors rated voltage.
Umax: Capacitors admissible maximum voltage.
THDIR%: Admissible current total harmonic distortion of the plant.
THDIC%: Admissible current total harmonic distortion of the capacitors.

Technical characteristics

Rated operational voltage Ue = 415V
Rated frequency 50Hz
Max current overload In (PFC unit) 1.3xIn
Max current overload In (capacitors) 1.3xIn (continuous)
Max voltage overload Vn (PFC unit) 1.1xUe
Max voltage overload Vn (capacitors) 3xUn (for 1 minute)
Temperature range (PFC unit) -5/+40°C
Temperature range (capacitors) -25/+55°C
Discharge device On each bank
Installation Indoor
Service Continuous
Capacitors connection Delta
Operation devices Contactors (AC6b)
Inner surface finish Zinc passivation
Applicable standards (cabinet) IEC 61439-1/2 IEC61921
Applicable standards (capacitors) IEC 60831-1/2
Main characteristics

Power factor correction systems indicated for plants where the current harmonic distortion (without capacitors installed) is lower/equal than 20%.
Use of high energy density metallised polypropylene capacitors ensures enhanced performance, high resistance to strong voltage overload, low losses and contained dimensions.

  • Zinc-passivated metallic enclosure painted with epossidic dust paint, colour RAL 7035.
  • Auxiliary transformer to separate power and auxiliary circuit parts (230V).
  • Load-break switch with door interlock.
  • Contactors for capacitive loads with damping resistors to limit capacitors’ inrush current.
  • Self-extinguish cable according to IEC 50267-2-1 standards.
  • Microprocessor power factor correction relay.
  • Un = 450V three phase self-healing high energy density metallized polypropylene capacitors.