DLC series


Standard features

Lybra Single-phase Vega/Antares + advanced protection package 0.3-135kVA
Aries Three-phase Orion + advanced protection package 2-250 kVA
Aries Plus Three-phase Orion Plus + advanced protection package 30-1250 kVA
Discovery Three-phase Sirius + advanced protection package 60-6000 kVA

ORTEA product range is completed by a range of line conditioners based on voltage stabilisers and provided with additional protective devices.

The following sketch shows the typical line conditioners:

  • Input automatic circuit breaker (protection against short-circuit).
  • Delta/Star or Delta/Zig-zag input isolation transformer (complete galvanic isolation between the mains and the load and cancellation of third and triplen harmonics).
  • Class 1 SPD surge protective device (protection against lightning).
  • Class 2 SPD surge protective device (protection against transients).
  • EMI/RFI filter (protection against electro-magnetic and radio-frequency noise).

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