BC series

The acronym DVB stands for Digital Video Broadcasting and is used to indicate all the devices transmitting and receiving digital signal. The availability of high quality voltage supply is the key for ensuring operating continuity.

The BC series is specifically designed for DVB stations and consists of a digital voltage stabilizer able to compensate for voltage variation on the input line generated by sags or surges, completed by additional devices for the protection against transients and electric noise generated by electronic appliances.

Usually, a BC stabilizer includes

  • Digital voltage stabilizer.
  • Isolating transformer.
  • Input & output automatic circuit breakers.
  • Input Class I surge arrestors.
  • Output Class II surge arrestors.
  • EMI/RFI filter.
  • Instrumentation (voltmeter/multimetre).

For outdoor installation, the unit is housed in side an IP54 metallic enclosure.

Small ratings can be assembled in enclosures suitable for installation in 19” rack cabinets.

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