AOT series

AOTs (wave absorbers) are obtained by assembling in a cabinet a combination of protective devices to deal with transients carried by the distributing lines.

In order to achieve the most complete protection level, the AOT combines two complementary concepts: smoothing and filtering.

The task is performed through surge arrestors, isolating transformers, detuning reactors and capacitors.

AOTs must be installed upstream and in series to the equipment that needs protection in order to avoid inductive and /or capacitive effects on the lines.

Usually, AOTs include:

  • Input automatic circuit breaker.
  • Parallel surge arrestors (redundant system).
  • Isolating transformer.
  • Capacitors.
  • Detuning/blocking reactor
  • Output automatic circuit breaker.

The operation can be divided in three phases:

  1. The surge arrestors discharge to ground the direct overvoltage energy.
  2. The isolating transformer ensures galvanic isolation between the mains and the equipment to be protected.
  3. The filtering module eliminates the residual energy.

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