ORTEA Training 2015: let’s get down to numbers…

With the end of the autumn term, 2015 training sessions are now closed. The activity is always experienced as a growing opportunity by ORTEA personnel as well: sharing issues with technicians from all over the world enhances and consolidates technical knowledge and helps providing with a more qualified after-sales service.
During the training session, ORTEA team detailed all the relevant information through both classroom lessons and hands-on activities:
– Check of the on-site parameters in order to choose the most suitable device
– Analysis of the correct operation
– Troubleshooting
– Maintenance
The courses focused on the voltage stabilisers and automatic power factor correction systems manufactured and put on market by ORTEA.
The training sessions (in English and French) participation included 48 technicians in total, coming from Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Angola, Benin, Cameroun, Congo, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria, Togo, Tunisia, Uganda, Belgium, Czech Republic, France, United Kingdom, Serbia, Turkey, Canada, Australia and Israel.