Ortea SpA: just to say thanks

October is also in line with the excellent quarter just closed for Ortea SpA. The main KPIs, such as turnover, orders, net financial position, and EBITDA are all positive and improving compared to previous years.

We expect to close 2021 with the current positive trend and a 2022 with even more promising results, spurred by a global economic recovery and by a market, like the Power Quality one, which is always growing.

The company has coped with the pandemic without particular repercussions, demonstrating that it has a market, a professional production capacity of high standing, which can withstand extraordinary events of a historical significance.

Partnership projects on an international scale are under way to strengthen the technological and commercial offering, ensuring our customers a range of innovative and tailor-made solutions.

This gives us hope for a profitable future that will benefit stakeholders and the families of Ortea employees.

In conclusion, just to say:

  • Thanks to our commercial and financial partners who have glowing confidence in our company and in the sector in which we operate.
  • Thanks to all of Ortea‚Äôs collaborators who, every day, make it possible to achieve our success with professionalism, continuous commitment, and a commendable sense of corporate belonging.

Massimiliano Scarpellini – Ortea SpA CEO