ORTEA Sirius & Sirius Advance: remote monitoring

In Sirius & Sirius Advance models the all-in-one control card manages also the remote communication to the voltage stabiliser. The card is fitted with a local display (showing alarms and setting parameters) and with a keypad used to interact with the card itself.
This remote data monitoring system enables the user and Ortea Service Centre the chance of monitoring the stabiliser on-line wherever installed by means of the STABIMON dedicated software, supplied with each unit. Alternatively, the communication with the stabiliser can be established via the Modbus TCP/IP protocol. Should the Ethernet connection not be available, the remote communication can be performed via an embedded GPRS modem. A common SIM data card purchased locally and inserted in the modem allows for a simple data transmission.
STABIMON is the software managing the communication with the voltage stabiliser. The program can be run when the user wishes to communicate with the stabiliser or simply read the collected information. In a single page, the dashboard provides the main information concerning voltage, current, power and alarm status. Graphs and statistics relevant to the stabiliser operating status can also be displayed.