ORTEA Power Quality: OPTInet range renewed

OPTInet has been specifically designed to meet the ever increasing power quality issues that can be easily found in a wide range of industrial applications. OPTInet combines the established and consolidated characteristics proper of ORTEA voltage stabilisers with features that enable the achievement of energy saving and power quality improvement.
One of the factors that most affect energy saving is given by the fact that electrical appliances are usually designed to operate with an input voltage included in range rather than just one nominal voltage. Nevertheless, supplying a device a voltage higher than the rated one implies higher consumption and decrease of the expected life.
This situation can be found worldwide due to the fact that several distribution systems are rated for a voltage higher than 400V (United Kingdom, Australia, parts of India, and so on): OPTInet provide with a practical an efficient answer to such issue. Other factors such as proximity to power plants or distribution stations and voltage supplied at high level to cover the far end of distribution lines might affect performance of the supplied loads and energy bills.
OPTInet is specifically designed to allow the adjustment of the voltage received from the mains and bring it back to the value for which the load has been built. OPTInet optimises the load performance, thus obtaining lower consumption, energy saving, cost reduction and longer life expectancy.
All OPTInet devices are fitted with a EMI/RFI filter to protect against electromagnetic/radio-frequency noise.
The OPTInet new range is available in three configurations:
– OPTInet: base version with adjustment and stabilisation of the output voltage.
– OPTInet Plus: version fitted with by-pass system made of three interlocked automatic circuit breakers.
– OPTInet Advance: top of the range type fitted with by-pass circuit and automatic power factor correction system.