ORTEA new catalogues available online

Graphic restyling for ORTEA catalogues, but not only that: contents have been improved and widened, introducing some novelties in the product range.

The Vega and Antares single-phase voltage stabilisers are now fitted with new cabinets, marked by an attractive design and optimised in terms of internal air circulation.

The cabinets for the Orion three-phase voltage stabiliser have undergone a rethinking process and a new type of enclosure has been developed for ratings up to 45-15: the instrumentation is now mounted in a more ergonomic position for easier reading. Starting from the 60-15 unit, industrial ABB cabinets are now used, thus ensuring robustness and longevity.

Concerning the static digital voltage stabiliser (so-called electronic stabilisers), the design of a new IGBT-based electronic module, enabled the range to be widened, reaching 40kVA single-phase (Gemini stabilisers) and 120kVA three-phase (Aquarius stabilisers). These units are also housed in the new cabinets, which for these units are RAL9005 (black) varnished.

More space has been allotted to the OPTInet, voltage stabilisers specifically thought for ‘Power Quality’ issues. The range has been completely renewed with the addition, among other things, EMI/RFI filters and an automatic power factor correction system integrated in the equipment.