Advantages of power factor correction integrated into the voltage stabilizer

Years of experience in applied development, acquired both in the field of voltage stabilisers and power factor correction, has allowed Ortea technicians to offer (as optional for Orion Plus and Sirius, standard for Sirius Advance) power factor correction banks integrated into the voltage stabiliser enclosure.

Thanks to its expertise in designing and producing both types of equipment, this solution is entirely designed and made by Ortea, with an optimised size for ensuring maximum performance.

From 80kVA to 320kVA, the power factor correction bank is produced using single-phase capacitors made of high-density metallized polypropylene; starting from 400kVA, we use capacitors of the same type, but three-phase, ensuring greater strength.

The advantage is the result of having a load that is fed in a stabilised way and that has a high power factor and, as a result, the maximum active power available. In addition, for the 1000kVA (and above) power stabilisers, the product involves installing a blocking reactance that protects the capacitors from any harmonic distortions generated by non-linear loads, increasing the plant’s power quality even further.

In practice, this product makes it possible to exploit all the power factor correction and voltage stabilisation advantages, without having to manage two separate purchase orders and without having to coordinate the double installation, perhaps at two different times, with a consequent saving in cost.