100km of Namib Desert: ORTEA team is ready!

Everything is ready for the ORTEA team – Cristina and Alfredo – who from December 3rd to 10th will participate in the 100km of Namib Desert. A 4-day race in the Namib Desert, Southern Africa, the most ancient and beautiful desert in the World.

The race will start on Tuesday, December 5th, with 15km at sunset and it will continue on Wednesday 6th with 21km, on Thursday 7th with the marathon (42 km) and on Friday 8th with 26km on the Sossusvlei big dunes.

The choice of sponsoring our athletes has the aim of emphasizing in the first place the internationality of ORTEA, with her worldwide presence, and secondly her spirit of sport, intended as healthy competition and hard work.

Training for such a race means to work hard for a goal, which is important and difficult to reach: the same commitment that ORTEA staff makes every day to design, produce and sell quality products, always looking forward to improvement and innovation.